Month: June 2014

The Grit on Britt

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In life, rarely are we asked to pause and reflect on the experiences that define us. uniDiversity sat down with eclectic UOW student, Britt Andrews, to ask her the tough question: ‘what makes you uniquely you?’ 

Brittich During Britt’s interview, we wandered past Wollongong’s Crown Street dessert bar, Sugar Cube. “Wafflepops!” She exclaimed and disappeared inside, returning with a delectable-looking chocolate/coconut glaze…yum,

“I have a penchant for every sort of fast food ever. It’s a miracle I’m not the size of a whale.”

As students, each day we find ourselves immersed in a multitude of unique personalities – some we mesh with and others we perhaps avoid – but there’s always one person who deeply intrigues us.

Perhaps it’s that individual who sits attentively at the front of the lecture hall, studiously taking notes; maybe it’s the class comedian, effortlessly cracking gags and leaving the room in stitches; perhaps it’s…

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