BCM215 Critical Self-Reflection of Comments – Part Two

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PITCH ONE – Ladies and Gents there Is a Beta & It Includes Virtual Reality and a movie.

Julia’s DA is best summed up in her own words – “The relationship between games and cinema expressed by the technology of Virtual Reality.” It is a video essay, focusing on five parts, analysing the game media text of “Ready Player One”


PITCH TWO – #BCM215 Digital artifact beta

Sheng’s DA is an introduction to massively popular games like League of Legends, and a history of how they got to where they are.


PITCH THREE – The Beta – BCM215

Chris’ DA has changed, originally being about brand exclusivity in gaming, it is now about microtransactions, in the form of a podcast.



The main issue with the quality of the comments I provided would be to do with the timing of them. For personal reasons, my comments were late, and I am worried that their DA’s have since progressed past the point where my feedback can provide any value.

I did my best to engage with each post, offering course-relevant research and readings from the Moodle site. I also suggested Sheng and Julia offer a clear idea of what exactly their analytical framework is.

I hope my suggestions come to some use for the students whose blogs I commented on. As mentioned in the reflection on the first round of comments, I feel uncomfortable offering people research, as for the most part I assume that it is research that they are already on top of. I felt the same way in this round of comments – like I didn’t really have too much to offer to these students,  as they seem to have their DA’s pretty well thought out.

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